Death Valley: Monsters on MTV

So, reading various articles, it came to my attention that there’s now a show on MTV called Death Valley (the promo for which cleverly zooms in on the words ‘eat all’ of the name) Mmm, tasty Although there is a seemingly never-ending waiting list of films that have been green-lit for production that feature vampires, it’s not until the former-epitome of cool, MTV, weighs in that you know the market is really getting saturated. Especially the genre they’ve picked. Death Valley is part True Blood, part Office, and part…well, MTV. It combines all the elements of the hideous ‘reality TV’ we’ve gotten used to seeing or hearing about on these channels, like Jersey Shore and its counterparts. It follows, in a ‘mockumentary’ style, the ‘Undead Task Force’ as they try and deal with the influx of the undead. The lighting and setting is reminiscent of True Blood at times, but sends it up in a very crude manner. The vampires are described as the “douchebags of the undead community” and are shown primarily as prostitutes or individuals looking to exploit the human fascination with a fairytale come to life. Although all tongue-in-cheek, the series proves that there is still enough of an interest in the gore and spectre of the undead to find a new way to represent it. See the trailer for more details…


One thought on “Death Valley: Monsters on MTV

  1. Looks interesting – as a series it could easily go either way, but I think it’ll probably work better as something more tongue-in-cheek than anything else with the way it’s been shot. Although hopefully the jokes are better than the “is the camera man seriously just zooming in on my boobs?” gag.

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